Cereals, Soil and Tractors

Farm Walk on Schreyerhof Welcome to our unique experience farm - What gives the fertile Gäuboden area called corn basket of Lower Bavaria more than: it’s real flavour and a beautiful life? Lower Bavarian products are often imitated around the world. In Lower Bavaria you will find something that has become rare in today’s agriculture. Come take a trip into the world of rye and wheat, barley, oat, potatoes, pumpkins and sugar beet in Germany’s premiere growing region, locally situated GÄUBODEN area. Enjoy a typical fragrance, in the golden, yellow colored rows which are aspiring to the sky, while standing in the field.

  1. welcome on the farm by Gäubodenfarmer Heiner and well-known farmlady Gerlinde enjoy a welcome drink
  2. walk to the outdoor barn, introduction about the region
  3. why plants in the fertile soil nearby the Danube are growing up so well, put your hands and nose in the soil - be a nosy parker!
  4. explore the main vegetables
  5. visit the pumpkin garden next to the farm (spring, summer, autumn)
  6. experience about the cultivation of our plants, cereals and the work cycle throughout the year
  7. take a seat in the harvest barn and watch a short film about harvesting the plants
  8. processing and trade
  9. cereals and health: the whole seed of wheat and the effects for your health
  10. great finale in snack-tasting-barn: two bread tastings, with sour cream, butter and garden herbs the special beer and a noble’s herb drink, with special roasted seeds

    costs: 18,50€/person incl. 19% VAT duration: 1,5 hours

  11. production of fresh rye flour with a mill
  12. roll and create your own bun or brezel with your fingers, handmade in the outdoor hall
  13. bake it in the stone oven nearby. enjoy it!

    Book Optional
    costs: 38,50€/person incl. 19% VAT duration: 2,5 hours
    included in the price: Gäuboden- Granary Tour Step by Step (1-10), Farm bakery and enjoy your fresh self-made snack

  14. “Grandma Mina’s Scharten Küchl” or seasonal handcrafted cake (Bavarian baking speciality), with a cup of coffee/herb tea, homeland stories and authentic farm people.

    costs: 9,50€ person incl. 19% VAT duration: 1,0 hour

  15. Made with oats you will produce your own muesli for the next breakfast on the cruise ship or as a give away

    costs: 5,50€/person incl. 19% VAT duration: 0,5 hour

  16. Guided Garden & House Tour with farmlady Gerlinde
    Go on a worth walk, follow her through the traditional healthy herbs of Schreyer’s private garden behind the farmhouse. Explore the coloured flowers and fragrances, different kitchen herbs, which the farmlady uses for homemade dishes every day. Whoever loves parsley, chives and
    lovage, these herbs make Bavarian Schweinebraten (roasted pork) a unique taste experience. A piece of the Gäuboden home awaits you
    here. A traditional thing from grandmothers old fashioned kitchen timedo you want to have look in a modern farm kitchen? We show culiary life
    in Schreyer’s own private home.
    She is a famous Bavarian country cook

    costs: 18,50€/person incl. 19% VAT duration: 1,0 hour


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