Experience Tour on Schreyerhof Farm

Straubing is the center of the fertile Gäuboden, the "breadbasket of Bavaria".

Visit the adventure farm of the Schreyer family and encounter old local history and the latest harvesting technology. Get to know the cereals of the Gäuboden and explore the farm with the adventure farmer. The both Schreyers, Heiner and Gerlinde aren’t the first, they are working now in the 4th. generation, who are still putting their own hands in the valuable loam loess, the fertile topsoil. Privately planted since 1997and harvested by the company called Schreyerhof in Atting.

Get a first view to the unusual coloured potatoes, see again, that all-day things, which are everybody using, hear more about different kind of healthy potato food - Nowadays aspects! Feel the prickle of ripe plants between your fingers, smell the blossoming cereal ears and experience the harvest that helps to create one of Bavaria’s most famous products. Welcome to our farm, join us on a journey through our homeland.

Best regards
Gerlinde and Heiner Schreyer

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